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Got got a new catalog in the mail today. Most mail catalogs are crap, but this one caught my eye.

"Shooter's 2004 Spring Shooting Supplies"
or www.sportsmansguide.com

Has anyone used this company before? Is has a large listing of shooting gear and hi-cap mags (here we go again) for lots of guns including the S&W 99/ P-99's. Although it doesn't say the mfg of the mags, it states that they are new pre-bans. (gag!)
Before everyone goes bezerk about another mags thread, don't kill the messenger, please. Just passing the info along.

It lists #AX4A-80906 as individual 17rd 9mm or 12rd .40's for $39.97 ea.
It lists #AX4A-80907 as 3 pack mags in same calibers for $99.97/ 3

If anyone tries these out, pass it along. It seems like a decent price.(Plus shipping I would assume)
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