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Okay, NOW I have some experience with the SGB tool and my P22.

1. I did not realize it, but there noticable variations in the length of .22 LR rounds. So much so, that some fail to feed problems can be helped noticably by using SGB nose-flattened rounds. Not ready to finger any brands or loads, yet, but it consistently helped with round nose, non-hollowpoint ammo.

2. Out of the 3.4" barrel any improvement in accuracy was not discernable. (I didn't think it would be.) And the flatened nose of SGB'd rounds does not cut a crisp hole in paper> (This is because the flatting is not the full diameter of the bullet and it should not have surprised me, but it did.)

3. Using the SGB requires purchase of a good file (the mill b*stard file is recommended) and it's a pain in the backside to use. You have to learn to use it consistently or your rounds will come out in varying lengths. And cutting off the tip before filed does not work. At all.

4. The SGB did not seem to provide any improvement of any kind on Remington subsonic ammo.

Is it worth the trouble? For some ammo, yes. Is it worth the price (39.95)? That remains to be seen.

Tip: do your ammo flattening at home rather than at the range. And, yes, the lead filings are nasty and dirty. Use a towel or shop rag under the SGB tool.
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