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I'm charged with organizing a series of Service Pistol matches for my club. These are regulated by the CMP and are more traditional bullseye matches. Course of fire is 10 shots at 25 yards in slow, timed and rapid fire using 1 or 2 hands along with 10 shots slow fire with weak hand only.

The attraction is that the matches require "as issued" pistols and we feel we can draw more competitors if they know they won't be entering an arms race with more well heeled members.

I don't want to audition for the next John Wick movie, just want to shoot my guns in a match.

I ordered a standard 5" 9mm PPQ I plan to use in these matches. Was all set to get a Q5 but Walther told me I would not be able to add fixed sights to a Q5 very easily or at all. If I do shoot a match allowing adjustable sights, easy enough to add to the PPQ.

Wondering if anyone has experience with the PPQ in bullseye type competitions and how it worked out.
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