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So what do you think of this...?

"Like the H&K USP, it has also been designed to be less expensive to produce than Walther's earlier innovative but arguably over-engineered designs, which cost a small fortune on the US market (although this was largely the fault of Interarms, the former US importer who charged an arm and a leg for them). Prior to the P99, Walther made a pistol called the P88 that was part of the US military pistol trials. This was a superbly-made pistol but it suffered from some serious design flaws. After discontinuing the P88 in 1993, Walther came out with the more conventional P88 Compact, but although it worked well it was just too expensive for most pockets. Consequently, Walther was taken over by Umarex and the markets the P99 is aimed at are the police and civilian markets, unlike the military aspirations of the earlier P88. Unlike H&K's USP though, Walther decided to be more innovative and it shows."

full review http://www.cybershooters.org/dgca/walther_p99.htm

I lifted this from a English webpage. I surmise from the info on the page it is for people who want to own guns but have to settle for deactivated models because of their Governments attitude towards guns
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