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Schmidt & Bender 1 Week Sale 10/12/18-10/19/18

Here is a list of in stock inventory of Schmidt & Bender Riflescopes, with part # then description. These are special prices for just 1 week.

If you've been thinking about a S&B scope this is the time to pull the trigger :)

Please call to discuss any of these scopes, 516-217-1000.

Part Number Description

639-946-887-G2-E4 1.5-8x26/P3 cm Pantone Short Dot Normally $2,825.00 Reduced to $2,399.99

682-811-918-B7-B3 1-8X24/CQB CM CW ST Normally $2,900.00 Reduced to $2,479.99

682-811-918-F6-D8 1-8x24//CQB .25MOA ccw 2nd focal Normally $2,900.00 Reduced to $2,429.99

669-911-372-B8-B4 3-27x56/H37 cm cw High Power Normally $5,300.00 reduced to $4,199.99

669-911-972-B2-A8 3-27x56/P4F cm ccw 26 mil Normally $4,900.00 reduced to $3,699.99

669-911-972-G6-A8 3-27x56/P4F cm ccw .340 Black Normally $4,900.00 reduced to $3,499.99

669-911-972-B8-B4 3-27x56 PM II High Power LP P4F cm cw 26 mil Normally $4,900.00 reduced to $3,499.99

669-911-982-B3-A9 3-27x56/P4FMOA 1/4 ccw High Power Normally $4,900.00 reduced to $3,599.99

677-946-932-B2-S8B05 5-25X56/H37 CM CCW PANTONE LOCKING Normally $3,975.00 reduced to $2,999.99

677-911-932-94-67 5-25x56/H37 cm cw DT Normally $3,600.00 reduced to $2,799.99

756-K11-72D-E4-03 3-12x54/D7 Polar cm cw BDC SFP RAIL SCOPE Normally $2,700.00 reduced to $1,899.99

756-K11-712 3-12x54/Polar T96 L7 Posicon First Focal RAIL SCOPE Normally $2,480.00 reduced to $1,899.99

756-911-72D-E4-03 3-12x54 Polar T96 2.BE D7 cm cw BDC Normally $2,700.00 reduced to $1,899.99

754-K11-72D 3-12x54/D4 Polar Posicon SFP RAIL SCOPE Normally $2,836.00 reduced to $2,149.99

753-911-712 2.5-10x50/L7 FFP Polar Normally $2,333.00 reduced to $1,799.99

671-911-972-G8-E8 4-16X56/P4F CM CCW Ultra Bright Normally $3,800.00 reduced to $2,879.99

671-911-532-G8-E8 4-16x56/Tremor III cm ccw Ultra Bright Normally $4,200.00 reduced to $2,799.99

671-911-972-H1-F1 4-16x56/P4F 1/4 ccw Ultra Bright Black Normally $3,800.00 reduced to $2,799.99

670-911-972-G8-E8 3-12x54/P4F cm ccw DT LT Ultra Bright Black Normally $3,800.00 reduced to $2,899.99

644-911-972-96-94A38 3-12x50/GEN II cm CW DT/ST LP Normally $3,320.00 reduced to $2,649.99

644-911-962-89-64A38 3-12x50/P4F cm ccw MTC LP Normally $3,860.00 reduced to $2,799.99

644-911-962-92-69A38 3-12x50/P4F cm ccw DT LP Normally $3,320.00 reduced to $2,499.99

644-911-762-98-74A20 3-12x50/P4F MOA 1/4 cw DT LP Normally $3,320.00 reduced to $2,499.99

644-911-882-73-94A20 3-12x50/LP P3 cm cw ST Normally $3,080.00 reduced to $2,549.99

644-811-482-05-05A91 3-12x50/L3 Klassik Hungary scope reduced to only $1,185.00

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs

Have a great day.

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
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