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Not sure if there's a better place to sticky this or add it to a list of holsters that work, but I saw this OWB safariland 576 holster at Walmart and despite the Safariland website saying it wouldn't fit, I decided to try it anyways. After adjusting the threaded sizing screw on the holster, my p99 fits perfectly, doesn't wobble around, and clicks in and out quickly and firmly. The holster locks around the trigger guard and unlocks via the lever on the bottom which actuates when you grip the gun naturally. I like this because you don't have to press a button where the trigger is like some other models. When holstered, you can not reach the trigger, even in the SA position, which is of course, ideal. I don't think I'd recommend any OWB holster for concealment but if you want a nice open carry holster or one for the range, this one does it well.

Anyways, it was a nice 40$ buy at Walmart and I couldn't find anyone saying it fit, so if you're at the shelf looking at it now, go ahead.

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