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Safariland 560 holster

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Has anyone tried a Safariland 560 holster with your P99?

I'm thinking of picking one up since the same model fits both my Sig and Walther.
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Yep. I have that and a Fobus for my P99. The 560 is a good holster, but not great for CCW. It does not tuck the butt in close to my side as tight as I would like. It does retain the gun very firmly though.
Albert, thanks for your reply.

Since we don't have CCW up here in the Great White North, my holster will only be used for range sessions and maybe some IDPA.
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For IDPA I would suggest the Fobus. It is easier presenting the gun than the 560. Fobus is a straight pull where the 560 you have to rotate the grip back slightly as you pull up.
I've been using the 560 for almost a year now... love it! Yes, it's harder for CCW but it's sweet for range use or when u don't have to conceal your pride and joy. ;-)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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