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Hey Guy I bought a S&W 442-2 at Sundays gunshow..
This is the 15oz J Frame, It's trigger is much better than a previouse S&W 642-2 was..
Thought I'd just share..
Meet My New Carry Piece!! So Light!!
In Need of a good Leather Holster..

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#4 & #10 are still dirty from weeks ago, Shamefull..Rugers..
Thought I'd share a pic while I had them out!!
Also note how flat the HK is..
I'm loving my newly aquired S&W 442, It's wild how light it is.
My Walther will be gettin jelouse of the S&W, Still need a good light weight holster for the J Frame Smith!
If anyone has an extra let me know!!
[email protected]
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