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Ruh-roh... PPS

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I found some videos on YouTube that show animations of 1911 and Striker pistols functioning on the inside. So I took my slide Barrel and recoil springs out of my new PPS and put the slide back on without them so I could look inside better and see the mechanisms operating, or so I thought. So now, I cannot easily get the slide off. Here are some pics showing the forward extent that I can move the slide and the rearward extent I can move it until it stops. Of course I'm not pushing very hard. I can push with my thumb forward on the rear of the slide and under spring tension it will move so that the back of the slide is about a quarter inch forward of the back of the frame but if I let go then it springs back. It seems like I need to release something somewhere that is preventing the slide from moving forward and back which if I had not installed the slide without the barrel and recoil spring something would not be blocking me and I could get this light off as usual. Any advice would certainly be most appreciated. Thank you.
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Oh boy, I didn't know those pics would not show up in the message, hope I didn't make anybody's life difficult.

Edit: Well that didn't work out so well. Guess uBulletin is finally starting to show its age.

Try squeezing the trigger to allow the slide to come into battery (as it sits normally), then take it down as you normally would?

I don't have a PPS M2, just a pair of the Classic version..
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I have seen the same thing happen with a Glock. This is how it was fixed without damaging anything:
1. Remove the rear slide cover plate, be careful, it’s under tension so watch your eyes.
2. Then slide the Striker out. That will now allow you to depress the slide lock and remove the slide and then re-install everything correctly.

(Okay, I’ll admit it, I did this to a Glock and this is how I was told to fix it. It works).

Your trigger bar and internals are being blocked by the Striker.

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If possible, position the slide to normal inbattery position. Then pull the trigger. If it is aligned in that same position as with the barrel and rsa in place then the trigger should be able to trip and release the striker.
How do I know?
When my PPS classic was new I did the same thing.
I could have used the backstrao or try aligning it as described above.
The alignment worked.
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