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This is what I used when stripping my RM8 to order parts. The language is in German so you will need to use Google to translate.
There is an Exploded parts diagram here which shows parts in order of assembly.
https://spares.bagnallandkirkwood.c.../Walther-Rotex-Rotex-R8-RM8-Diagram-Final.pdf .
Open the above file and save it to your PC desktop and use the + and - buttons at the bottom to increase its size for viewing.
Hope it helps. A spring washer is called a 'Federscheibe' in German of which there are none in the diagram. Best suggestion I have is that you take it apart again and re-assemble using the parts diagram as a guide.

You can buy parts, as I do, direct from the manufacturer from here;
https://www.versandhaus-schneider.de/ Again you will have to use the UK translater on the right of the page.

HINT - Next time do as I do and lay them out in order of removal on a strip of 'upside down' sticky tape' (I use masking tape) so they stay in order.
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