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Review: "Some of the answer: Handgun"

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Every now and again, I have the priviledge of being able to help a fellow professional by offering my experience in various disciplines, to help move a project forward.  When the call went out for proofreaders to review, and comment on, "Some of the answer: Handgun", I enthusiastically volunteered, since we 2nd amendment types need all the peer support we can get.

I must admit that at first I was skeptical, not knowing for sure what to expect, and thought to myself "Great (yawn)... another routine, basic, firearms manual."  It is with great chagrin that I admit to being grossly in error.  "Some of the answer, Handgun" has found a permanant place among my important reference works, alongside my dictionary, leather-bound copy of Franklin's autobiography, and my favorite cookbook (a necessity for bachelor living).

To many of you, the title might sound a bit peculiar, but after explanation by Jim, and an articulation of his personal philosophy in the book, it becomes clear that it's more a statement of modesty than a typo.  The point being that while robust, this book is offering only SOME of the total answer to THE 'big question' of how, in general, to best defend yourself.

And answer it he does, in this book.  Although briefly touching on a few traditional handgun techniques, this work is, by far, more a study in basic cobat tactics than a fundamental reference for how to operate a pistol.  As with any well written reference, content is where the rubber meets the road.  Jim has certainly taken pains to condense the "cream of the crop" from what he's learned, and continues to learn, during a lifetime of advanced tactics, and has assembled it into easily digested modules that, taken as a whole, represent a solid grounding in advanced self-defense.  To call this a 'manual' would be doing it an injustice.  I like to think of it as a 'self-study survival guide'.

Filled with high-quality illustrative photographs, and clear descriptions, this book reaches well beyond the fundamentals to cover multiple techniques such as how to safely and effectively present a concealed weapon, reloading methods (how many of you know there's a combat technique for loading a revolver?), different tactical shooting stances, how to effectively scan for threats, low-light combat tactics, defending yourself after sustaining an injury to support presenting, reloading and handling, and more advanced marksmanship techniques.

This book is for anyone who is serious about protecting himself, and should be required reading, even for NRA instructors.  The piece of advice you acquire today, may save your life tomorrow.
Oops... forgot to inlcude contact info:
Jim Crews
PO Box 556
Stevensville, MT 59870
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At the risk of embarrassing myself, should I know who "Jim" is?
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