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I have two P99, both in .40.  One is a (black) roll-marked  Interarms Import with a KI (1998) manufacture date on the frame.  The second is a Military, laser-etched Walther USA LLC import, 46XXXX serial number that was one of the 5000 slides made by Walther.

Additionall, I purchased two 12 round .40 factory mags and I also obtained a 15 round and a 10 round 9mm factory mag.

I had orded a 9mm Barrel from Bar-Sto.  When it arrived I discovered that rather than a drop-in barrel as I had ordered I received an unfinished barrel intended for fitting by a gunsmith for target quality.  I called Bar-Sto and they had me send the barrel back to them and refinished it.  Very nice to deal with and turnaround time of about 2 weeks for the refinishing.

The barrel fit well into the Military, but would not clear the opening in the slide of the Interarms pistol (much smaller barrel opening in that slide).  

I then obtained one of the original 357 SIG barrels that TheQuietMan (thanks again) had originally ordered with the group buy here about 2 years ago.  That barrel fit in both pistols; the outside dimensions of the barrels being slightly different.

Both of my P99 pistols are very accurate with their .40 factory barrels.  I have never had a ftf or fte or any other malfunction with either one, even though the original mags for both are the orange followers and I had heard that they sometimes were problematic.

I had the opportunity to take both pistols and the Bar-Sto barrels out and put them through their paces last weekend when a goup of us had our annual "Men's Weeked" at my friend's farm in State College PA.  It gave me 3 days and several range sessions to put a variety of pistols through their paces.

I tried the 9mm and .357 Sig barrels in the Military and the 9mm barrel in the older P99.

Through out the two extended range sessions I fired about 100 rounds of .40 ammunition, using all of the mags that I had without a malfunction and with good accuracy.

I fired about 40 rounds of 357 SIG without a malfuntion.  The accuracy was as good or better than the .40 factory barrels with both pistols, although the recoil was more snappy than produced by the .40.  (Probably a function more of the hotter ammo for the 357 SIG.)

I then fired about 200 rounds of 9mm ammo through both pistols fitted with the Bar-Sto barrel.  Not a hiccup and noticeably more accurate than the .40 factory barrels.   The concerns that had been  raised here that the springs/slide weight or other factors would be problematic did not materialize.

I used Winchester whitebox, Federal  and Remmington.40 ammo,;S&B 357 Sig ammo; and Winchester whitebox, Federal; Fiocchi and other 9mm ammo.  (The Federal were personal protection jhp); all types of ammo functioned well.)

IU would highly recommend the Bar-Sto Barrels. while I did not fire target for accuracy,they were definitely more accurate than the factory .40s.   In particular the 9mm barrel makes the P99 a versatile and fun pistol.
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