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replacing sites w/ Trijicon sight on .40 cal P99

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I have a Walther P99 .40 serial # 408371 which is about 5 years old. Purchased a set of Wpo1y Tijicon sites and need some help with instruction on repalcing them. The front sight has a slot with a round hole (not allen) in the center. the rear is the stock 2dot with the windage scew.

looking for tips on replacing both sights

Any recommendations ?
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Thanks! Glock Wrench?? tried some allen keys both usa and metric not luck.

For the rear do I take out the windage screw prior to removing ?
Great thanks for your help. Reaced the rear, it was a snap.
FYI, the allen key is a .050 size, and I used some needle nose to snug it until I get the proper tool. I am surprised that the sights don't come with the tool.

Again thanks for your help.

If anyone is interested I can post pics.
Went to the range and put through 250 rounds and sighted it in.took a few slight ajustments, but overall it went well and I like the sights that were installed. Now if I can only become a better shot!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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