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replacing sites w/ Trijicon sight on .40 cal P99

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I have a Walther P99 .40 serial # 408371 which is about 5 years old. Purchased a set of Wpo1y Tijicon sites and need some help with instruction on repalcing them. The front sight has a slot with a round hole (not allen) in the center. the rear is the stock 2dot with the windage scew.

looking for tips on replacing both sights

Any recommendations ?
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I never done it myself.....
but I think for the front you will need a 'Glock" wrench to tighten the screw that holds the front sight

the rear you have to depress the "tap" on the right side and then you can slide the sight off...... remember that the sight adjustment screw is left threaded ..... I think
Sorry I am not gonna be more help on your front sight... I know you need a special "Glock sight tool" for it.....also when you put the new sight on you might want to use some Loctite so the sight won't come off after replacing it....

you can take the screw in the rear sight out whenever... before or after pullen the sight off the slide.....
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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