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Red dot sights for CCP

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I recently saw a YouTube video of a guy mounting a Vortex Venom to a Glock. I was wondering if that is worth looking into. Has anyone put a red dot sight on their CCP? And done it without drilling the slide? It was said in another post that shooting with red dot sights is better than night sights, I understand that. But, in a situation where you need your pistol out and on the ready, do you have time to turn on your red dot sight? Am I just better off sticking with my night sights? Am I missing something here? I shoot with a red dot sight on my Ruger 22/24 light all the time, so I am familiar with them, I even have one on my AR. I would like to consider having one put on my CCP, but just not quite sure it would benefit me, and the cost is another factor.
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Electronics and batteries on a defensive firearm?

I choose Trijicon night sights (HDs & Bright and Toughs) for my EDC/home defense firearms.

My only red dot is an instant on (movement activated)/light recharging/10,000 hr SIG Romeo 4S.........


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