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I have an SW99 .40. The rear site has some slop side to side. I took it apart to check it out and it is obvious what the issue is. The windage adjustment screw head sits in a slot on top of a spring loaded plunger. The head of the adjustment screw has four flats on it so that it will stay in whatever position you set it. The problem is that the slot is wider than the screw head so the entire site can shift side to side almost half a mm. This obviously will change the point of aim of the gun during shooting.

Does anyone have a solution for this short of making a new plunger? If necessary, that is what I will do. I can make a new plunger and mill the slot on top so it is exactly the same width as the screw head but that is some work. If there is an easier solution, I'm all ears.

BTW, despite this, I was able to shoot 2" - 3" groups at 10 yards last night at the range. That is real shooting, not with any sort of arm rest. This is a great shooting gun.

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