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Does your SW99 9mm/40S&W have the magazine safety?

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I live in Charlotte, and I got into the 99-series pistols when local police still carried the SW99 in .40. i know that every time S&W changed the internal design from the original, there were issues with the pistols, and local police had very little nice things to say about their duty pistols at the time.

From what I remember, there were lots of reliability issues reported on these pistols. It was so long ago though, that I can't really be any more specific with information here. If I run into any local 99-series armorers again, I'll ask about this specifically.

Did you get the owner's manual with this pistol? The NJSP pistols came with their own one-off owner's manual due to the design changes S&W made on those pistols (which also had issues, and which also were pulled and replaced with other pistols). I'm assuming this model came with its own manual as well, and I'm assuming that it would be interesting to see what they had to say about this feature there.
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