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Ranger/Black Creek S&W Walther

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I purchased a stainless Ranger/Black Creek S&W Walther PPK a few months ago complete with the plastic case and paper work.
It is my understanding after the death of Samuel Cummings and the closing of Interarms, Ranger/Black Creek still maintained a contract for a year to produce PPK pistols which S&W acquired. The pistol is the same as those made for Interarms except for the markings. The left side of the slide is marked as is the Interarms PPK, the right side marked, WALTHER USA LLC with Springfield, MA below the WALTHER Markings. The plastic case has the WALTHER marking on the lid, the warranty repair , WALTHER USA 2100 Roosevelt Ave. Springfield MA. The caliber is 7.65mm/32acp. Probably not all that rare, however, not all that common either.
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At a bare minimum, be happy to have a .32 Ranger.
Sounds like a nice catch.
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