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A retired police officer friend of mine and I were discussing the 40 caliber pistol. We both agreed its use was now being taken over by the 9MM as a police pistol. In fact, a trainer for the Houston Police Dept told me that 50% of the HPD had gone to the 9mm since it was now allowed. He even commented to me that he could not believe he had beaten himself up with the 40 all those years.
Anyway my friend was telling me what a good stopper that caliber was and still is. Yes the 9mm has been souped up; but a rising tide raises all boats. So i got all pumped up and I fished my 40 caliber PPQ M 2 out of the safe and went to the indoor range.
OUCH! That pistol's recoil actually hurt my strong hand at the web between my thumb and forefinger. It hurt a lot! It took only 50 rounds to convince me to finish the visit with my P 99 in 9mm.
OK so I am wimp; but next time I go to the range with a 40 it will be either the HK USP FS in 40 ( which was designed to give a 30% reduction in recoil); or the Glock 22 which I think will hurt also.
Ok so I am a wimp; but I do not think the PPQ was designed to be a 40 cal. What say you?
You are not a wimp. Just try adjusting your grip and don’t hold it too tightly. I use a bit of push pull grip and on high caliber high recoil rounds, I let it rise a bit more on purpose by relaxing your elbows slightly bent. That causes the recoil to go to all your joints . Try a bit looser on the grip. Just enough to keep your hand and grip from moving too much. I learned a habit, good or bad, by putting my supporting pointing finger on the front of the trigger guard also. I train that way and it works well for me. I wouldn’t do that on a 2 inch barreled handgun, but I dont own such.
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