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Over the past 10 days (in between all the rain) I have had a chance to spend some trigger time with 4 new Walthers purchased over the past 6 weeks. Just posting if anyone is interested in how the “new” Walthers are doing. All guns cleaned and lubed prior to shooting.
1) PPQ M2, 4” barrel, nightsights: Approx. 100 rounds consisting of a mix of brand new (and expensive) JHP but mostly old (15-20 years old) FMJ. Flawless performance. Great shooter. Great ergonomics.
2) PPS M2 with standard sights: Approx. 50 rounds consisting of the same mix as above. Flawless performance. Great shooter. Great ergonomics with extended mag but even the flat bottom managed to fit my grip perfectly.
3) PK380: Approx. 130 rounds consisting of Sig FMJ (30 rounds) and Federal FMJ (100 rounds). 2 FTF (partial slide closure x2) with the Sig ammo in the first 10 rounds. No problems with the remaining 110 shots. After the initial problems fun to shoot but I’m a .380 fan. Great ergonomics.
4) PPK/S (.22 cal): Approx. 50 rounds of, old as hell (50 years old probably), Federal Lead bullets. Approx. 6 or 7 stove pipes in the 10-30 round range. Bad ammo? Got quite a bunch of old .22 and will be trying to shoot it up but will try a box of new out of curiosity.

Like to have shot more but more rain blew in. Happy with my choice of Walther so far.
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