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I purchased my PPQ m2 last summer with the rebate that was offered and have mixed results early on... looking back, I am sure it was user error.
Firstly, I am not the best shot out there, so when I struggle, I struggle! I struggled with the long take up of the trigger... I constantly shot low and left... I even debated trading in the gun do to my frustration... I have a Sig P320 45 I think I show pretty well, so why struggle with the PPQ trigger were my thoughts (like a quitter)... blame the gun right!
Well I can tell you that over the last month or two I stopped worrying about the trigger and focused on my grip and sight picture...
The looks and ergonomics of this gun always felt amazing to me, and while dry firing the trigger felt great also, but that dang 馃幆!!
I know these targets aren鈥檛 what many Call good, but I am very happy with them!
When I stopped focusing on the smooth buttery trigger and corrected my grip and sight picture , the PPQ and I are soul mates!
Now I want the Q45 again! 馃槒
The second target was rapid fire.. or at least for me!


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That would stop any BG out there...nice work.
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