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Just a few pictures of two range trips I took yesturday.

Early in the morning I took my girlfriend and my best friend shooting in the forrest.

The guns I brought were..

Ar15 (Bushy)
Two WASR 10's
Taurus 650 (357mag)
Beretta 8045
Beretta 8045 mini
Glock 17
Walther p990
Walther p22

Guns my friend brought
Both of his AR's (Olympic and Bush)
Glock 19
Beretta 96 brig

Then when I got home, The owner of the local gun shop said he was going ot the range and bringing his new toy...
An MP5 (auto)

I bought more ammo and hitched a ride with the owner of the shop (I used to work there)

On the way to the range I was in the back seat of his F-350 loading 30rd mp5 mags.

I loaded about 17 mags with winchester wincleans 115gr

I got to shoot 6 mags, one mag I shot in semi, two I shot in three shot burst, and the rest in auto..

It groups very well, what a great weapon.

Here are a few pics of the two range trips.

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