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Read in a topic in p99 forum that walther makes a carbine is this new.  I've never seen one or heard of one outside of the submachine gun.  

Any info would be appriciated including a no.

The topic is called vertical hand grip here is the reply: posted by TAZ

I'd have to agree with toeball on this one.  Money would be better spent on buying a weapon system designed to function as a carbine.  Hipoint, KelTec, Beretta and even Walther make one.  Not that I am a fan of pistol caliber carbines as I have always felt that if youre gonna transition to a heavier platform, it better shoot heavier rounds.  Just personal preferance though.  Adding a 16" barrel to a recoil operated firearm designed to function with a 4" barrel would be tricky.  The added weight would cause cycling issues so other things would have to be tweaked as well, all of which takes design and testing to acheive

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