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-the magazine base plate on the finger extension isn't a real solid fit, contributing to the pistol being jumpy in my hand when firing.

I can second that. One of my magazines suffers this problem, the other does not. I'll try swapping the extensions with the third mag (flat baseplate with no problems) I have to see if it's the plastic baseplate or the bottom part of the metal magazine tube.

On the recoil side of things, I haven't found the P99C to be especially snappy (and I shoot my share of NATO and +P ammo), but I rarely shoot one-handed. I'll try it at the range next time with my 92FS Compact.

I have found that by angling my non-trigger-finger hand downwards as far as possible, with the thumbs of both hands pointing forward, at the target, and lowering my head to channel the recoil impulse back into my arms and shoulders, I experience very little recoil or muzzle-rise. I picked this up from someone on Beretta Forum. I will search for the pics that were posted, showing this technique. I have since noticed many (very good) competitive shooters using this same technique.

Ha! Found the thread:

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