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I have had issues with my Q5 SF that may be related to the loose fit between the magazines and Delrin mag guides. This allows an excess bit of play at the top of the mag. Due to the force of the mag release spring, the top of the mag is pushed to the left and is out of alignment with the feed ramp.

This misalignment can be to the point that the slide breech face can contact the back of the magazine on the left while moving forward. In my gun, I believe this causes some intermittent slow return to battery problems, i.e. does not return all the way to battery and not ready to fire. This especially shows up when jamming in a mag during competition, where you may be angling the mag more at the top while dropping the slide lock.

The fix is to deepen the mag guides on the left hand side only a little towards the top end. The Delrin is moldable at higher temps (about 390'F?, but will revert to formaldehyde if too high). I removed the grip (2mm allen wrench) and used a heat gun on low setting. I heated just the last cm of the mag guide, which will seat toward the top of the frame.

Go slow, hold away from the heat source, do a little on the inside, most on the outside. Stop as soon as the dull matte finish starts to turn glossy. Then put the guide back in the frame and use a flat blade screwdriver or similar, with blade running parallel to the guide, to push the guide in slightly deeper. Hold the entire guide in place for 20 sec or so until it cools to prevent curling. Can see and feel depth from inside the frame. I went too far and had to shave off a little of the inside. The outside of the mag guide looks mushed where I pushed on it, but fits flat to the frame when grip replaced.

Did both mag guides on the left side. Tested with grip installed, using full and empty mags, shaving off a little more from the deepest part of the guides, until they easily dropped free when hitting the mag release.

My mags are now centered at the top. Will see whether this resolves any problems I was having. New mag guides are about ten bucks or so each, I got another set at Earl's before starting this.
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