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Have a Sig P320 with a Romeo 1 red dot. Not crazy about the pistol but love the red dot. Has many features the other brands don't have such as adjustable brightness, Motion Activated Control and a top load battery. Cost is more than a Viper/Venom but much less than a Trijicon.

Planning on purchasing a Q5 and would like to mount a Romeo 1 on it. I am told that the plates supplied by Walther with the Q5 are only for Trijicon, Leupold and Docter red dots. Would anyone know if either of these plates could be adapted to mount a Romeo 1? Perhaps someone might know a vendor who could make one of these plates work with a Romeo 1?

I checked with Sig regarding the plates they can supply with a Romeo 1 and none of them are for any Walther product.

Any help much appreciated.
The Q4 M2 Leopold/RMS mount should work with the RomeoZero. The RomeoZero is compatible with the Shield RMSc which mounts on the Leupold/RMS Walther mount.
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