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PRK May Classify P22 As "Assault Weapon"!

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I discovered that the P22 was no longer listed on the PRK "approved handguns" list. I inquired what happened and DOJ said it had been removed. When I asked if it was just "new" guns or "private party" too, here's there response:

Mr. *******:

In response to your follow-up question, this firearm cannot be transferred through a California Firearm Dealer as a private party transfer or as a dealer sale at this time. There is a question as to whether this weapon is an assault weapon since it has a threaded barrel.
The manufacturer is working to correct this problem.

David A. Witt, Field Representative
Department of Justice
Firearms Division
(916) 263-8180

F.A.S. Out
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Yeah, they should just put an integral silencing barrel on the darn thing.  Also, dealers should include a free M14 and hand grenades to anyone that purchases a P22.  

Best case would be to go to your local GMC dealer and buy an "assult vehicle" (aka H2), then go to the local surplus store and load up on old BDUs and MREs.  Next, but 30,000 rounds of .22 ammo, for the sieges you are going to be enduring with your new "assult weapon".  You can even make some body-armor out of plywood, fiberglass, and resin, for stopping all those nasty .22 assult rounds that will go off.  Next the "varmint-killa" .22 hollow points will probably taken off the market.  If you've never seen what those do to a squirrel at close range you are in for a shock.  Make sure when you buy your P22 you buy it in "assult-green", this color is surely to be banned next and almost half of the pistol will easily blend into a green background(california is very green, hence you can see the importance).

BTW, those must have been fully automatic P22s in "Underworld", considering how much assulting was going on......she can assult me any day though.
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