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PRK May Classify P22 As "Assault Weapon"!

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I discovered that the P22 was no longer listed on the PRK "approved handguns" list. I inquired what happened and DOJ said it had been removed. When I asked if it was just "new" guns or "private party" too, here's there response:

Mr. *******:

In response to your follow-up question, this firearm cannot be transferred through a California Firearm Dealer as a private party transfer or as a dealer sale at this time. There is a question as to whether this weapon is an assault weapon since it has a threaded barrel.
The manufacturer is working to correct this problem.

David A. Witt, Field Representative
Department of Justice
Firearms Division
(916) 263-8180

F.A.S. Out
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I have the 3" version and i want to pick up the 5" barrel. Are they still able to sell just the barrel kits?
I e-mailed S&W about the assult weapon classification California has given the P22. There responce was " sir there will be a retrofit program in a few weeks"
Good news I hope
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