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Hey everybody. I've been fairly absent, but not completely dead yet. I've just started browsing gunbroker again and I'm seeing a few P5's for far less than $1k, and not even selling.

This makes me think there is more to a P5 than just "being a P5." If I wanted to try to get a reasonable P5 for a reasonable price, what should I be looking to pay, and how do I know what to look for? (e.g. how do I not spend 2x for a piece of junk, had I known better?)

As far as I can tell, looking at this reference:


I am interested in one of the latter revisions (7 or later) where the little trigger stop pin is adjustable (on the frame not the trigger itself). Beyond that I don't really know "what to care about." I'm not looking for a safe-queen, more of just a "fun at the range" type stuff, but it would also double as my carry should I ever start carrying (already have a conceal carry license, but don't yet own a pistol).

Here is an example that would seem to fit the bill, but why is no one biting at $650?



The GB P5s under 1k are well worn BMW lineouts (police trade in), and have the huge "billboard" PW Arms import mark on the frames.

These are great shooters, and worth the $650-$750 price most sell for.

I almost purchased a BMI lineout for a shooter, found an almost new (+95%) commercial P5 (Var8) for under $900 (including shipping and FFL fee) to be my shooter.

I installed 8# springs (16# of recoil spring force) and shoot this frame with the original 3.5 barrel, and the slide/barrel off my Lang (with 124gr/1200fps 9mm Para). This allows me to minimize the Langs alloy frame wear, and shoot the 6" barrel on an adjustable trigger stop Var8 frame.

I grabbed an ex-Deutsche Bank security P5 for a shooter too, kept the 6# springs, swap a 30 Luger (7.65 Para) P5 barrel on it (found the barrel on ebay).
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