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My daugther and I went into Lexington this morning to the gun show. Got the PPK/S a new set of real Buffalo Horn grips There AJAX They required some fitting same as my ivory poly did.Either there machine is off when drills for grip screw or the hole in my frame is about 1/32 off. Also got a set of pearlite for my Mustang. These fit no problem same as the poly ivory on my 45 did when I ordered them. The dealer was closing out his grips I got the Buffalo for 20 and 12 for the pearlite Retail on Ajax web is 70 and 40. I also got another  box of my S&B  410 00buck load for my mouse riot gun  870 express with 18 1/2 and home made hawg leg. its legal and at 20 ft longest shot in my house .Groups around 6in. 5  00buck will hurt.My wife and daugthers love this little gun.
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