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Pre War PP and Holster

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I just got this Walther PP pistol and holster.

I believe the PP was produced in 1930 based on the serial number. There is also a triangle after the serial number. Has anyone seen this before? It also came with a nice extended grip mag.

The holster is also a nice prewar DRGM Akah holster.

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That is so cool. I like the history that surrounds the old weapons.

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Is it possible to get a close up overhead shot of the serial number and the triangle. Very interesting. The grip extension of that color was intended for a PPK, though someone has removed the PPK magazine and replaced it with a PPP body. If you care to switch it back, be very careful and the extensions can break.
Typical early with the barrel sticking a little bit longer out in front of slide than the later PPs...
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