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PPX Love

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Hey all,

First post here and registered here specifically to make this post.

I have owned a PPX since 2015 and have loved it since I got it. To this point in time I have over 3000+ rounds through it and I have to tell any of you that have a new one or haven't put more than 500 rounds through the one you do have, this thing REALLY gets comfortable after that point.

The slide rack is like butter (still crisp, but very smooth and natural). The magazines get the perfect amount of stiffness to them without always needing to use a thumb-saving speed loader. This thing is also still a nail-driver to this day. It can take a lot of abuse and lack of cleaning (i am pretty religious about cleaning mine since I initially tested it). I have never had a FTE or FTF using just about every kind of ammo you can think of in it (mine is 9mm) including a box of reloads from a friend of my father-in-law.

It is a focal point every time I take it to the range. At least one person there wants to ask me about it after watching me drill out the middle of a target within 1-2 mags.

I also own a PK380 and my EDC is a PPS (first gen). I love both of those as well (although the PPS can be a pain to shoot in .40). the PK380 I had problems with first round I ever loaded after purchasing and took to the range. The slide just.. flew off. Took it back to store and they told me Walther was taking it in for service directly to Germany, all costs covered. After ~2weeks it was ready for pickup and Walther had essentially completely re-built it and it has been fantastic to shoot ever since.

Just wanted to post this to say that the PPX was the first handgun I ever purchased and it set the bar for me big time. If you're browsing these forums and deciding on whether it's worth the buy; IT IS. They don't make them anymore, so get one while they are decently priced. I have a feeling in 10 - 15 years this will be one that people are searching for because they will still be just as reliable, accurate, and praised as they are now.


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The PPX is what brought me here. My brother has my original and I still have my .40 version. They are great shooters and can run as accurately as my P99s and PPQ. The Creed is currently filling that void for Walther and people looking for a good gun at a good price.
I have been thinking of selling my PPX, yet the nostalgia of it being my First Walther, I just cannot part with it...
I agree with the above comments. I have a 9 and forty, both going on four years. 2000 plus rounds through them. Every time I shoot it feels like I'm shooting a new gun. No hiccups, very tight fit and finish and great triggers. I'll keep them. For the price point, I couldn't be happier.
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+1 for PPX love. I've had a PPX in 40SW for many years. Not crazy about the long reset, and it looks like a Hi Point, but is a super comfortable shooter and it is a tack driver. Easily holds it's own against my PPQ and my Sigs. In fact, when I develop new handloads I use it, along with a PPQ, P320 and Kahr PRO, as one of my test pistols. Never had a hiccup in over 1500 rounds.

I thought about buying a 9mm Creed, since I don't have a PPX 9 and wanted one, but I'm concerned I'll be disappointed...

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I don't own a PPX. However, I have had plenty of trigger time on one that a shooting buddy at my club has. I've put several hundred rounds through it without a single issue. My friend has had countless trouble-free rounds through it. In my opinion, the PPX has a very good trigger! And this is a entry grade Walther that was aimed at a budget conscious market segment. Also, the ergonomics of the grip are quite nice. PPX makes for a great range gun and is also viable option as a home defense pistol. Due to its larger size, not one of the best options for concealed carry.
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