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PPS report

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history: i purchased a walther PPS first edition that sufferend a catastrophic failure after 20 rounds. CLICK HERE for the thread with pictures and explanation of the failure. i sent the weapon to walther for repairs and when i got it back the failure was repaired, but the weapon and case were beaten up. CLICK HERE for a description of the damages as well as pictures. i called "Larry" at walther america customer service who told me that he would make it right by sending me a new weapon.

update: i recieved my new PPS from walther america. initially i was a bit apprehensive when i saw damage on the cardboard box that it arrived in. obviously the hole had been punched in the box during shipping, and considering the luck i had thus far i opened the package expecting the worst.

i was pleasantly surprised to see that my gun case was actually packaged inside another box that was not damaged. i was also surprised to see a walther hat and patch included in the box. it was a nice gesture that is appreciated. funny how the little aspects of customer service can make such large differences. happy about the hat, but anxious to get my hands on my weapon i continued to dig.

the walther case was as perfect as the original. highly polished, and flawless. its impressive that walther went to such lengths to provide such a well built case. i own pistols costing literally three times as much as this weapon that came in cheap plastic cases.

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Superb, thorough reporting, Montana -- and a great-looking dog besides (all things German, eh?). Happy to hear that the new PPS is working correctly. Can't believe that you've had your hands on two of these #*&^#@*& things and I've yet to get close enough to even sniff one at the moment. I sent an e-mail to S&W early in the week, asking again about availability. The response I received -- one mighty brief sentence -- indicated that they would likely be on the market in "about a month." So count your blessings -- and thanks again for the detailed report. Salute
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