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Picked up my First Edition yesterday, as well. Serial PPS11X :)
Shoots very nicely. 60 rounds +/-, no malfunctions using a variety of loads. As noted above, it came with 3 mags: 6, 7, and 8 rd. The 6 is obviously the most concealable, but the 7 fits in my hand the best and should work fine in that regard, so the 8 will be the spare for CCW. The thought of preserving the gun unfired in the case did occur to me, it just didn't last very long..... If I must complain, it would be that the slide stop/release is somewhat small, and really hard to push down. We'll see if time & use improves it.
Funny thing: I called Walther USA a little under 10 days ago, and was told that the PPS would not arrive until November!! How does a company not even know that their guns are already here, much less be off by that many months?
In any case, the PPS is a welcome "edition" to my Walther stable.
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