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I want to point out what I think is a potential issue with the magazine follower in the 8 round (9mm) mags. My self and a friend both have the 9mm PPS and he mentioned that if his top round in the 8 round mag is not seated all the way back it wont chamber on the first try. I noticed the same on my PPS after some time had gone by.

After I had been carrying my PPS for two months with 2 of my 8 round mags kept loaded all the time I took them apart to clean them. I noticed that the followers no longer just fell out of the mag tube when I removed the spring as they did when they were new. It appears that the magazine spring expands outward when compressed (as all coil springs do) against the walls of the hollow follower. The follower sits below the end of the mag tube when fully loaded and is almost completely pushed down into the base plate. The notched sides of the plastic follower take a set because of the outward pressure of the spring and no support from the mag tube. This adds a lot more friction as the follower moves through the mag tube and causes failures similar to a weak mag spring.

I checked one of my 'range' mags followers that does not get stored loaded and it still slides freely through the mag tube. I believe that the follower starts to move up into the metal portion of the mag tube as the first round is being chambered. Because the follower must be 'squeezed' into the tube much of the spring force is lost instead of helping to chamber the first round. I generously lubed the follower and mag tube and the first round now chambers smoothly every time, even if its not seated just right.

I think the 6 and 7 round mags are less prone to this because the metal mag tube supports the sides of the follower when loaded and prevents taking a set.

My friend checked his carry and range mags and found the same thing. I am curious if anyone else has noticed?
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