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I have couple concerns regarding pistol I have recently purchased. Its brand new, got it about 5 days ago. Shot around400 rounds through it and I have encountered with these issues. I have noticed this when I returned from 2nd trip to gun range and cleaned my pistol:

1. Recoil spring assembly. Small part on top of recoil spring assembly is chipped off. Did anyone else encountered with this issue and how did you settle it with Walther?
2. Brass particles and flakes inside the frame and slide. I've tried 5 different ammo: Remington115g FMJ, Federal 124g FMJ, Hornady Ceitical Defense HP, Sig V-crown HP 124g and Winchester124g FMJ. I've noticed brass only after day on gun range when I used Winchester ammo. Why is this happening and is it okay that there is so much brass inside the frame and slide? I've noticed another thread but it's dead. However someone in that topic used same Winchester ammo as I did. Is this the problem with Winchester ammo or it will happen now with all ammo?
20200430_184158.jpg 20200430_184129.jpg

3. Barrel peening. There is long thread about it, I have it much smaller than other people have, but still not good. So here my .05 cents regarding that issue.

4. Phosphorus Sights. Sights were mechanically zeroed but pistol shot significally to the right. I've used boresight laser and sight alignment tool to zero sight so my POA=POI. I believe this is "normal" but did anyone encountered with this issue?

5. Small scratch on top of slide it's just cosmetic but I cant take it off. Is there any way to clean it? Doesn't look like a deep scratch

P.S. Funniest part out of this is that I have Taurus G2C, which has about 800 rounds and nothing like this happened.
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