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I'm looking for a IWB holster for my PPS 9mm and was wondering if you folks had any suggestions/recommendations? Also, what are people using for spare magazine holsters? In-depth explanations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Comp-Tac Minotaur ;)

Honestly, I've never been nearly as picky about mag carriers as I have holsters. I've used everything from Blade tech, to RCS, to Comp-Tac, to Maxpedition (Cordura)... All have worked well enough. For standard day to day carry I'm currently using one of the Comp-Tacs I picked up. If I go out into the "wilderness" I use Maxpedition.

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White Hat
Alabama holster
High Noon

Just to name a few. There are many more but these are some of the more popular ones that aren't going to cost you your first born child.
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I also use the Comp-Tac Minotaur for my PPS, and am pretty impressed with it. My other IWBs are all Milt Sparks; 2 VMIIs and a SS. I’d rate the MTAC as comfortable and the quality just as good “only different”.
I liked the Minotaur so much I ordered one of their paddle holster for range use. Also a great holster.

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I've never cared for any of the kydex IWB holsters I've tried. I prefer leather and in the style of the Milt Sparks VM2 or the Del Fatti ISP-LP. Milt Sparks makes holsters for the PPS, but the wait time is typically 26 or so weeks. I wanted to carry my PPS sooner than that, so I ordered a "Stronghold Reinforced Convertible Pancake OWB IWB" from TT Gunleather/Occidental Leather. This particular model ships within 14 days. I'm very pleased with it. It is not quite in the same league as my other Milt Sparks or Del Fatti holsters, but it is very close.


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I use a Packin' Tee while at work, and a High Noon Bare Asset for an IWB.

The Packin Tee works very well, and I use a Large Holster for it. I normally wear an XL tee, and ordered the same size holster shirt. It fits snug, but not so tight that you can't breathe. :)


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$8 worth of kydex
$2 worth of hardware
Toaster oven
A bit of plywood and foam
File assortment


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Here is a small list:

5 shot Leather - 5 Shot Leather, LLC - Home 5shotleather
A Holster Company - Home Page
A.E. Nelson - A. E. Nelson Leather Co.
AJ Concealco - AKJ Concealco LLC
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Bandera Gunleather - Beltster, concealed carry holsters, colt handguns, glock handguns, leather gun holsters
Bell Charter Oak Holsters - BELL CHARTER OAK CUSTOM HOLSTERS (607) 783-2483
Bianchi - Bianchi Leather Holsters, Concealment Holsters, Duty Holsters and Duty Gear
Black Hills Leather - Black Hills Leather - The best custom gun leather western holsters & rigs
Blackhawk - Home BLACKHAWK!
Blade Tech - Blade Tech holsters, knives and tactical gear for military, law enforcement, shooting competition and hunting.
Boston Leather - bostonleather.com |
Brigade Gunleather - Brigade Top Selling Gun Holsters- Shop for Custom Leather Holsters
Brommeland Gunleather - Holsters Concealment Systems Gunleather Concealed Carry for Weapons
Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - Home
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C5 Leather - Home Page
C Rusty Sherrick Leather Works - C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works - Custom Concealment Holsters
Center of Mass Holsters - Kydex Holsters
Combat Gun Leather - Home | Rafter-L Combat Leather
Cobra Gunskin - http://www.cobragunskin.us/default.aspx
Comp-Tac - Comp-Tac : Top-Quality Firearm Accessories
Coronado Leather - Coronado Leather | Handcrafted Firearm Concealment Leatherwear Handbags/ Luggage/ Jackets/ Law Enforecement
CR Speed - Rescomp Handgun Technologies - CR Speed
Cross Breed Holsters - Crossbreed Holsters > Home
D.M. Bullard Leather - Gun Leather, Concealment and Cowboy holsters, Azle, TX.
Dale Fricke Holsters - Dale Fricke Holsters
De Santis - Welcome to DeSantis Gunhide®. "We didn't invent concealment, we just perfected it." — DeSantis Holster
Del Fatti - Del Fatti Leather
Don Hume - Don Hume Leathergoods, manufactures high quality leather and nylon goods.
Durango Gun Leather - Texas Ranger Belts,Tapered Belts,leather belts,gunleather
Eagle Industries - Home
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Fin Designs - FIN designs
Fist - FIST, Inc.
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Front Line Ltd. - front_line, holsters |
Galco - Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters
Garrity's GunLeather - Garrity's Gunleather - Exquisite Hand-Crafted Holsters
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Ghost Holster - Untitled Document
Gould and Goodrich Holsters - Gould & Goodrich | Welcome
Gradfather Oak Custom Carry - index
Grahams Custom Leather - Site Disabled - FreeServers
Grassburr Leather Works, Inc - ATV Gun Rack Mounted Handgun Solutions, Handgun Safety, grassburr Leatherworks, Custom Leatherworks
Gunworks - Leather Holsters for Springfield XD, Glock, 1911, M&P, Beretta, Ruger, Sig, Taurus, Kahr,
Haugen Handgun Leather - http://www.haugenhandgunleather.com/
Hazel Leather - Hazel Leather
HBE Leatherworks - H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks
High Noon - High Noon Holsters
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Horseshoe Leather - Holsters for Handguns, Firearms and Concealment at holsters.org
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JS Holsters - JSHolsters.com - We don't do pretty. We do practical.
J.W. O'Rourke Leather Products - www.gun-holsters.com
K.L. Null Holsters - K.L. Null Holsters Home Page
Kirkpatrick Leather - Kirkpatrick Concealment Holsters
Kramer Leather - Gun Holsters | Handgun Holsters |Custom Gun Holster Leather
Kytac - KyTac Website
Lightning Arms Sports - Lightning Arms Sports
Little Bear Holsters - http://www.littlebearholsters.com/
Little Feather Leather - http://www.littlefeatherleather.com/
The Malabar Front - Raven Concealment Systems
Master of Concealment - Concealed Carry Holsters, Products and Clothing, Concealment Holsters, CCW Holsters, Handgun holsters
Mernickle Holsters - MERNICKLE HOLSTERS
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Mountain Home Leather - Mountain Home Leather-Custom Holsters,Belts,Knife Sheaths,Saddle Bags and More
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RM Holsters - Welcome to our online store
Ross Leather - Ross Leather Online - Full Range of Holsters Rigs Belts and Accessories - Buy from Ross Leather Online
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Safariland - SAFARILAND
Sickinger - SICKINGER Holstererzeugung / Sportholster / Behrdenholster / Holsterzubehr / Websitelayout und -konzept: Mag. (FH) Roland Voraberger ([email protected])
Side Armor - Sidearmor Holsters
Side Guard - Side Guard Holsters - Home Page of Custom Leather Holsters
Simply Rugged Holsters - Simply Rugged Holsters
SmartCarry - SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters
Southern Holsters - Southern Holsters, LLC
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Sunrise Leather - Holsters - Handcrafted Leather, Concealed Carry Holsters, Gun Belts
Survival Sheath Systems - SURVIVAL SHEATH SYSTEMS : Kydex Shoulder and Chest Holsters
TacPro (Kydex) - TAC_PRO
Tagua GunLeather - http://www.taguagunleather.com/
Talon Tactical (Kydex) - Welcome to Talon Tactical
Tauris Holsters - Tauris Holsters, L.L.C. - Custom Leather
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Uncle Mikes - Uncle Mikes - The Leader in Shooting Accessories
Vega holsters - www.vegaholster.com
Wild Bills - Wild Bill's Concealment | Holsters and Accessories for Concealed Carry

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Nice small list, dude; glad no one suggested a long one. :) The post vaults this thread into Sticky status and should help any and all who might be looking for a holster for the PPS. Thanks for sharing.

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Your welcome. It was my pleasure!

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Any suggestions on a tuckable, deep concealment holster? I would prefer 2-4 o'clock and not display a large, outer belt clip. I also do not want to carry a cell phone case on my belt to hide it either. True concealment is the priority.

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if ur going to go with cross breed type holster...

I would be more than happy to make one for you $65 plus $8.95 to ship... with any attachment hooks u want (no change in cost).

the quality of the cross breed is good but mine not bragging just a fact is better for the price and is tuckable, hide hight and cant adjustment, retention adjustment and the kydex body can be swapped out if you decide down-the-road to add a weapon light, I can comfort-cut the back or combat-cut the leather backing at no extra charge (they charge extra for all that).

Also have a new model holster... you can see some of my work here:

Pictures by hike2fish - Photobucket

pm if you want to have one made and we can work out the details if your interested of course. :)

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I have been using the Uncle Mikes #12 right hand side for small of my back draw (I am left handed). It was 16 bux at a gun shop.
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