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been in and around las vegas and phoenix for the holidays, checked a few guns shop, called around to most others. not a pps to be found physically. what a lousy shame. millions of people in these two big cities, no pps. i guess these places are no better than kansas city, i can understand no demand in kansas but....

anyway, couple places told me they DID have one or two come in and they sold immediately. so i guess half a dozen pistol between phoenix and las vegas isn't so bad. :eek: also, i couldn't check every single pawn shop but i know black will be coming in larger numbers in 2008, not a problem.


i really wanted to see black in person before i "commit" but not a big deal. after taking my pf-9 into the desert for some afternoon shooting, i could commit to a good slingshot right about now.

still here for another day or two, if somebody has spotted one.... :D
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