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PPS Classic and a strange spring

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I had a PPS Classic back before the M2 came out. I had one in 9mm and a 40. For whatever reason, I let them both go. Today I found a nice 9mm on consignment sale at the local shop today and brought it home. It came with 2 8rd mags, 2 backstraps, paperwork and case. It's a 2011 model, according to the spent shell envelope. It has Smith and Wesson stamped on the slide and the paddle mag release.
I had almost forgotten how good these feel in the hand. The easy, Glock-like take down, good sights and easy to rack slide. I got this for $350, OTD.
One question, I included a picture of a spring that was in the case with the other accessories. I put it by the RSA to get a good feel for the size. I have no idea why this spring was in the box. The guys at the gun shop didn't either. One guy thought it was for shooting +P+++ammo.
Anyone have any better ideas?
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I wonder if it was a spring for a reduced recoil system. But the rest of it is missing. Maybe from DPM?
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