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Sometimes I think we're not always aware of how things work. So I figured I'd post a co-worker's story.

Another police officer I work with shot my PPS and was very impressed. He carried a Colt Pocket Nine. He liked the much lighter trigger pull of the Walther PPS along with its flat profile, lighter weight and overall ergonomic feel. He shot the PPS much better than his Pocket Nine.

He was aware that the Colt had some collector value. He sold it (with my help) on GunBroker and he got a little over $800 for it (not bad as he bought it new in 2000 for just $450...not often an eight year old gun almost doubles in value...and it's used, not new in the box!).

So now he had $800 burning a hole in his pocket and the strong desire for a PPS. I told him they might be hard to get. He was carrying his Glock but was very unhappy with it off duty due to its extremem thickness.

He called everywhere to find a PPS. No one had any. Those who did sold out immediately but most had not even seen a PPS.

One store said they got 12 in and they were sold out in one day. They said they have 1 or 2 police officers come in or phone asking about obtaining a PPS. They said they've inquired about getting more guns but Walther doesn't want to promise anything and not be able to deliver. It's not that they aren't making the guns, they just sell out very, very fast. Everyone wants one due to the very positive magazine reviews.

So my friend went on GunBroker and bought one for $679 (no shipping charge) plus his FFL's $20 transfer fee. He should have the gun in his hands (time shipping and the 3 day waiting period...yes, it applies to police officers too unless the Chief signs a piece of paper which our Chief won't do..don't ask, I bet you know the answer!).

He's very excited and more than happy to pay the $699 to get the PPS, get it right away, and qualify and carry it as soon as possible.
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