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Yes. I called it a PPQc. Get over it.

Stumbled across it at the LGS this morning. I wasn't looking all that close at what I thought (and wrongfully) was just another QM2. I was lusting after a Creed....asked if I could see the PPQ just so I could get an idea of how old it was...when he laid it on the counter I saw it was the PPQc.

We made a deal and away she went to a new home.

Well, I went out put 100 rounds through it with nary an issue.

I did three mags fast as I could work the trigger, the rest were steady shots, making sure to re-aquire the target so as to see if it was as accurate as the BB code PPQ that is my normal house defense pistol.

It is.

And the three Musketeers:
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