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PPQ vs CA-P10C Video Review

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PPQ vs CZ-P10C Video Review

One of my favorite reviewers. Seems to be a pretty straight forward guy and the comes out on the side of the PPQ over the CZ.
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Loved the bug at the end. I thought it was on my screen....:eek:
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MY PPQ has never fliped/flopped the striker plate::eek:

You can see that mentioned on other videos, and I was a CZ guy for
30 years.
Loved the bug at the end. I thought it was on my screen....:eek:

Yeah, I also thought it was on my screen. Glad I was not alone on that. :)
Good video. I also own both pistols. I would say the PPQ definitely has a more refined feel to it. Although I have never thought it "flippy" it does not shoot as flat as the P-10C. The CZ front sight barely rises and my splits just feel way faster. You can even see that in the video.

I have had zero reliability issues with either pistol. But after detail stripping both I feel like the P-10C would be the gun to own in the even of an apocalyptic event (Hyperbole). This pistol has some beefy parts in it. The trigger "bar" is not a bar but a hoop similar to a 1911. It is also beefy as Arnold in his heyday. The slide release is also just as beefy. Have you seen the feedramp and pivot on the CZ barrel? They are massive compared to any other Browning linkess design I have seen The sear/disconector design looks like it would last eons. I like the grip texture on the CZ better as well. It doesn't move in my hand no matter how sweaty my hands get. The ease of changing the front sight is pretty cool too. I have the latest gen CZ with the updated striker with the corresponding additional cut in the rear of the slide. My slide cover has not moved. The ambition mag release is less than perfect.

The PPQ seems a tad more inherently accurate to me. I'll would chalk that up to Walther's fame for making very accurate barrels. It also seems to stay cleaner after long range sessions. I think this is a function of the stepped (or ringed) chamber which results in a better chamber seal. The trigger is just plain awesome and there isn't another striker fired pistol made today that has a trigger in the same league from the factory. That's not to say the CZ trigger isn't excellent. The PPQ with its fully clocked striker has way less creep. The partially clocked striker of the CZ has more creep buy design.

I like them both and plan on shooting some local USPSA matches with both over the summer. I'm very curious to see which I will end up liking more in that role.

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