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A few questions:
Has anyone ever used the Trijicon HD PPQ sights on a PPS?

According to the Trijicon website, the PPS rear sight is .009" taller than the PPQ sights. The fronts are the same. Does .009" (2 sheets of paper thickness) make that much difference at 25-yards?

It might be me but I like the Walther Plunger, Spring, and Screw setup for the rear sights. The HD's for the PPQ use that Screw setup but the PPS is a press fit friction fit but the PPS is built to use the screw setup.

Is the Walther Plunger, Spring, and Screw setup considered reliable?
It seems pretty solid to me but I haven't run it through the mill yet. Kind of confusing how Trijicon uses the screw setup on the PPQ but not the PPS.

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