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PPQ SC vs P99C: My impressions

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I have been a long time shooter of the P99C, both in .40 and 9mm and I recently purchased a PPQ SC. This is my first PPQ.

I hesitated because it looks so similar to the P99C, a simple matter of AS trigger versus the Q trigger and paddle vs button, right?


I can't tell you how much more comfortable TO ME the PPQ is in the hand, especially with the 15 round mag with sleeve. And the Q trigger, which I always thought dangerous in a carry gun, is perfectly manageable, and again, TO ME, better than the AS SA trigger. The break is different and more crisp. And as a Beretta shooter, the push button mag release is totally natural.
Again, these are totally individual reactions but they were interesting enough for me to comment.

I am totally happy with my purchase.
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This is interesting. I haven't even handled the PPQ SC but I do have a P99c as well as a P99 and PPQ M1. For me, the SA pull on my 99s are both sweeter than the PPQ pull all day. I just wish they had a factory 12 or 13 round mags for the P99c but we make do just fine.
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