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I can't say you are wrong Water. If I could still shoot irons worth a darn I'd probably do the same.
Well, the CZ Shadow 1 and Shadow 2 are now available with optics mounting plates just like the Q5.

I think in the USA CZ Customs does it for other models.

Or, go with a frame mount for the optics.

My dream pistol (besides Euro-olympic-space guns in .22 and .32) is a 6 inch barrel Tanfoglio Gold Match Extreme with 9mm and 45acp barrels, slides, and magazines. Have loved the CZ when I've fired it (Shadow 2 and TSO variants) and the Tanfoglio seems to be all that plus a frame that can take 45acp.

Love the PPQ, and for the class of gun it is the trigger is superb. But target shooting triggers are a whole different beast. Maybe one day Walther will let their trigger experts that work on their precision target guns create an adjustable 2-stage trigger for the PPQ SF that could elevate it to the level of the SIG X5 and X6s.
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