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First quick introduction :) I'm new to this forum and Walther with a new PPQ SC and loving it after about 400 rounds through her over the last month. Zero problems that weren't bad ammo related. Installed a CT CMR 206 and so far so good with it, but it's only a hundred rounds old. This is now the gun that sleeps next to the bed. May head down the CCW path in the future with it, and/or may look at a CCP 380 then but that is another subject all together.

So anyways, now I'm getting a serious itch for a 5'' (with red dot options for a later date).
Thus naturally I'm looking hard at a PPQ Q5 Match pn 2813335, as well as a PPQ M2 Q5 Match pn 2846926 .... and starting to get confused about their differences.

All I can glean form the online shop sites is that the -3335 has 3-15 rnd mags and the -6926 has 1?-10 rnd mag (despite having a 15 capacity also- wth?)

Is there more to it than mag differences with these two PPQ Q5s?

Are these generational differences in the PPQ Q5 Matches, and if so is the M2 necessarily "improved", or was it a step backwards (mags aside) relative to the original PPQ Q5?

Please forgive I I've made a big misunderstanding or completely missed the obvious :/ Thanks in advance though :)
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