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I am new to this forum but have some issues with my recently purchased PPQ M2 5", 9mm, Target. I hope someone here might be able to help me.

I have one regular PPQ M2 4". It is a nice gun and has been shooting well. So I bought the 5" barrel Target in October. I cleaned the gun and took it to the range in middle of November. I used Sellier & Bellot 9mm, 115 gr, FMJ. For the first ten round, the gun worked ok but failed one or two rounds by without completely feeding the ammo into the chamber. For the second ten rounds, this got worse; it failed 3-4 out 10. I thought this might be my bad luck day with this new gun. So I took it back home and cleaned it. A few days later, I went to the range again. This time, it got even worse: in the first ten rounds, the first 2-3 rounds were ok; but as the gun got warmer, it failed feeding the ammo into the chamber almost every round. So I got 5-6 failure out of 10 rounds.

The problem was that the slider could not completely return to fully close the chamber. The back of the slider was about 1/8” out. I went back home and did some online search. It seems that I am not alone and many PPQs have the feeding issues (but no one offers any solution). So I contacted Walther customer service by emailing them and describing the problem. I have to say Walther has an excellent customer service: the next day, I received an email from Walther and asked me to ship the pistol to them. I was pretty impressed by how fast they responded. One week later, they sent the pistol back. I was hoping that the gunsmith at Walther could do something to fix the problem. But when I opened box, a pink paper says “the gunsmith did a bench shooting test with 45 rounds of Winchester 9mm 115gr FMJ and the gun performed as it should be.” So my pistol was returned without anything being done!

The message made me wonder if the ammo I used was wrong. So I went to the range again. I used Winchester 9mm 115gr FMJ, as the gunsmith at Walther did. Even worse. As the pistol warmed up, it failed feeding almost every round. Then I figured out a way how to shoot. After each round, I used my thumb to push the slider slightly. This actually worked very well: it closed the chamber and loaded the ammo. The only drawback was that I could not shoot continuously; but at least I could shoot, and this pistol was pretty accurate!

Now my questions are:
1. Is PPQ M2 Target designed for bench shooting; or I should not shoot it in a standing position?
2. Or is there any way this problem can be fixed? I still kind of like this pistol and want to figure out a way so that I can use this pistol as my other pistols….

It will be great if you can share your experience and help me how to fix this. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated… Many thanks!

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