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My recently acquired PPQ 5" is my first polymer framed gun and my first striker fired gun. For decades, I have managed nicely with steel and aluminum.

I bought it to compete in CMP Service Pistol and not many guns with steel or aluminum frames are on the authorized list, none are Walthers so it had to be a PPQ or P99 to comply. Chose PPQ mostly because it could be had with a 5" barrel that came in just under the CMP's 5.2" maximum.

First shooting session pretty much confirmed it will do fine for the purpose, gun can shoot far better than I can hold.

My biggest surprise came when I disassembled it for cleaning the first time. This is probably common for those who have used polymer frames for a while but I was struck by how little weight is in the frame itself, It feels like nothing in the hand. The slide/barrel feel familiar to all the other guns I've owned but the frame is weightless.

The amazing thing to me is that when you assemble the gun, you don't notice that all the weight is on top, the gun balances well and doesn't seem as muzzle heavy as you would expect when holding the two main components separately. I'm sure a full magazine would add weight in the frame area, but I initially used it as I would have to in a match with only 5 rounds and it still felt fine.

If I do well enough in the first few matches, I'd probably consider adding a similar steel frame PPQ but I'm not yet convinced it would be that much of an enhancement.
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