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I think what Kar98 has said is correct. I have both, but I can't give you accurate measurements as the 9mm has the large backstrap covered by a Talon adhesive rubber grip. The width is also difficult to state accurately because of the bulges, but here goes anyhow:

PPQ 9mm (with Talon): Width: 32.8mm; Circumference: 14.5cm

PPQ .22 (no Talon): Width: 32.2mm; Circumference: 13.8cm

(Width and circumference measured directly below trigger-guard).

In shooting practice, I don't feel that it makes much difference.

Although the build quality is not on a par with the 9mm, the .22 is a nice little shooter - when you've found ammo that it likes (and keep it clean). If you buy a new one, make sure to clean all the gunk out before use.

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