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PPQ 9 suppressed

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I have a PPQ that I'm considering making a host for my Osprey 9. Before drop next month's rent money on a Jarvis threaded barrel, I'd like to know you guys' thoughts on your suppressed PPQ. How does it handle compared to other handguns? How reliable is it? Excessive gas? Whose barrel are you using along with which suppressor? How does it work in conjunction with Springco's recoil management springs (either red or yellow)? Etc.

I've read conflicting opinions on the whether or not the PPQ makes a good suppressor host. I love my Q but that lack of affordable aftermarket support for it is starting to kill that love (is there an alternative to Jarvis for threaded bbls?). I'm starting to consider selling the Q and getting a VP9 with SilencerCo threaded barrel. Convince me why I shouldn't.
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Just an observation, but nobody here seemed to have reported issues shooting the PPQ M1 First Edition suppressed.

There were quite a few here who had reported issues shooting the PPQ M2 Navy suppressed.

I don't know why, but I'm not sure I want to "convince" you to choose the PPQ or VP9.
In the recent Military Arms Channel VP9 torture test, Tim mentions that he doesn't have good luck with his suppressed VP9.
I've shot my First Edition with an Osprey 45. It functioned well. Other than that I'm not much help. I'm fairly new to suppressors and don't have anything to compare it to.

The lack of aftermarket support doesn't bother me. Holsters and sights are available and that's all I've wanted.

When I bought my FE the problems with the m2 Navy hadn't been sorted out yet. I didn't want to spend $200+ for a Jarvis barrel either. It took a couple months, but I got the FE for $600. It was the cheapest route to a working threaded PPQ for me at the time. Being an M1 and limited production are just bonuses for me. If you look around they come up for sale once in a while. I got mine not too long ago and feel the price was fair.
Both my QFE and Classic Navy Q function just fine with my Osprey 9mm.
In fact my QFE is my nightstand HD weapon with the Osprey and Viridian C5L mounted.

In fact I cobbled together a mount on the side of my night table with magnets that holds my weapon....

Ultimately it is your decision and I think it will depend upon exactly how you want to use your suppressed weapon...

I've been entirely satisfied but a number of folks with M2 Navy Qs have gone through all sorts of troubles. I do understand that WA has a spring kit that has pretty much resolved those problems.
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I tried my P99 factory threaded barrel on my PPQ then shot a box of ammo unsuppressed to confirm everything was OK. Then added an Evo 9. The PPQ had some FTF problems. After stumbling through about 100 rounds, I decided the PPQ was not tuned, or just plain did not like being shot suppressed. Swapped the barrels back. P99 suppressed shoots fine and the PPQ shoots fine - unsuppressed. :(
PPQ Osprey

I have the 9mm Navy and shot both Osprey and Octane. (Wrote up a detailed post on this forum regarding PPQ Navy vs suppressors.)

Takeaway is I'd not have much concern since Walther seems to have found a fix for any Navy suppressor issues and in my experience with several hundred rounds, didn't see the few failure to return to battery issues with the original springs to be that much an issue. I certainly would get the free Walther spring upgrade if I did suppress.

Before y'all flame me, you may just want to add a PPQ Navy and KEEP your current PPQ.
1) You leverage same magazines, parts and exact same operation on both your nightstand gun and daily carry gun. I think you can even swap barrels, but verify before trying.
2) Not like you're going to CCW with a suppressor. You can leave the nightstand gun with suppressor on and not have to reconfigure each time.
3) If you have issues running suppressed, you have Walther & suppressor manufacturer support, not three or more manufacturers pointing fingers at each other about foreign springs, barrels, etc. Recommend you keep it simple.
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I had a Navy M2, when suppressed with Octane 9, it had the infamous FTRTB issues, but it never had any other issue firing suppressed, 115s, 124s, 147s, or 147 subsonics. Unfortunately it was stolen before Walther came up with the fix. Before that though, I had tried the Navy barrel in a stock M2, and it also would run with any ammo. Since the Navy fix was still in the wind, I replaced it with a 4" M2 and a Walther threaded barrel, and it also runs fine thru the Octane with any ammo. Have used stock, BT, & Sprinco (red spring) RSAs, no issues. My only complaint, if you can call it that, is the blowback of bits of burned powder, but that was the same with the Navy, and as I understand, not unusual when running suppressed semi auto.

FWIW, I chose the Walther barrel over the Jarvis bcz it was less expensive and readily available (no wait). Jarvis makes a great product, but for the expected lifetime round count on a suppressed barrel, it hardly matters. And whether or not the Jarvis is more accurate, I'd really prefer the rounds in the bad guy to have a little separation anyway. :D
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I have a PPQ M1 9mm that functions fine suppressed with my TiRant9. However, I do not like to shoot it suppressed, because it consistently throws bits of hot powder onto my left cheek with every shot.
You'll find many pistols will give you blowback suppressed...I'm not sure there is much you can do about it.....you'll get lot more blowback if you shoot your can wet...:D
I just received my navy nine last week and would like to suppress it in the future. Forgive my ignorance but how do I go about getting the free Walther spring upgrade? My came with a standard recoil spring and an addition green recoil spring for suppressors. I have read other threads about changing the striker spring. Thanks for your time and help
Wisk, if your Navy came stock with the additional green spring, all the other modifications have already been incorporated. Should function as intended when suppressed.

The definitive thread on the topic was started by AZLarry, the title is "New Navy M2 and problem shooting suppressed?"; at this point I would start at the end (most recent post) of that discussion and read backwards, you should have all you need to know by the 3rd or 4th screen.
Sweet...Thanks jschultz for the quick response and helpful info
I have a Navy 9mm and shoot suppressed. I did have some issues with ftrtb, but the more I shot it, the less it did it. I shot it on a octane and a form 1 suppressor. Both function great and had no blowback. I debated on getting a Jarvis threaded barrel for my p-99as, but just picked up a Navy for 529 at a local store and now I can swap the barrel if I want to shoot the p99 suppressed. I only have the original spring.
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